Northern Gateway

Client: Sunderland City Council

Location: Northern Gateway

The Northern Gateway was an interesting and challenging contract with its location being a main entrance route over the River Wear into the City of Sunderland.

The route over the Wearmouth Bridge is densely populated with traffic and a major bus route into the city centre. With this in mind the works had to be carried out overnight with phases being agreed with Sunderland City Council Engineers as to how the work should be completed, including stringent traffic management schemes in place every night including agreements on road closures and diversions as discussed with the bus companies. The traffic management systems had to be in place every night and removed every morning by 6.00am to ensure smooth traffic flow into the City was possible during the day.

The work consisted of the planning off the existing surface to depths from 40mm to 120mm, removal from site, sweep and lay material including ramping to ensure the safety of vehicles using the carriageway during the day including the temporary or permanent reinstatement of road markings to the new surface as was necessary. In total there were over 26,000m2 of Surface Course and 16,000m2 of Binder Course laid over a period of 6 weeks. The scheme was complete within the timescale agreed and was fully open and operational following the final night’s work on 1st July 2019.